Delaware Health Net is a membership organization that specializes in the optimization of the Allscripts Professional EMR platform. Delaware Health Network participants are health centers who collaborate as ‚”safety net providers‚” to improve access to care, enhance quality of care, and achieve cost efficiencies through the redesign of practices to integrate services, optimize patient outcomes and enable its members to focus on what they do best: provide direct clinical health services to the most underserved communities and populations.

OSIS is a non-profit technology services organization dedicated to providing expert NextGen Healthcare technology assistance exclusively to Community Health Centers around the country.

The Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (OACHC) is the primary care association for the state of Ohio. It currently represents 56 community health centers at over 400 locations, including multiple mobile units, in 70 of the 88 total counties. Community Health Centers provided care to over 800,000 Ohioans and provide close to 3 million patient visits annually. In 2016, OACHC received their first HCCN grant funding and worked with 16 PHCs.  In 2019, OACHC was working with 21 health centers around the state. The OACHC HCCN purchased a population health management platform to further enhance the reporting and quality improvement capabilities of the PHCs and provide an opportunity for statewide support, standardization and reporting. The HCCN recognizes the critical need for its member centers to move to a value-based models of payment. Without data that is reliable and accessible, it is impossible for OACHC members to assume this risk in a responsible manner. OACHC HCCN will support the needs of the PHCs with a shared goal of improved health outcomes for all patients.