OSIS is a non-profit technology services organization dedicated to providing expert NextGen Healthcare technology assistance exclusively to Community Health Centers around the country.

HFP is one of the oldest HCCNs in the country (founded 1983) and has a broad portfolio of training and organizational capacity building that extends beyond the HCCN project. Within the funded HCCN, we comprise a network of 26 health centers throughout Pennsylvania. Our participating health centers use a range of EHRs (most used systems include eCW, Centricity, and NextGen). Most utilize i2i Tracks for population health management, which is a system we support intensively. The Network utilizes the i2i solution (Pop IQ) for our data warehouse as well and currently aggregates data from twenty health centers. Our team has expertise in a wide range of health information technology and population health areas including specific EHR systems, data management and analysis, clinical workflow and quality improvement, health information exchange, and value based care/payment.

The Keys to Quality (K2Q) HCCN consists of 12 participating health centers serving a large, diverse, low-income population. In many ways, this diverse network of PHC members is reflective of the HRSA Bureau of Primary Care Health Center Program as a whole. PHCs hail from several states, make use of multiple EHR platforms, and serve primarily low-income populations, often including special populations. Unique aspects of PHC membership include co-applicant status, academic health centers, and nurse-led health centers. The K2Q HCCN is administered by the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium. The mission of the K2Q HCCN is to strengthen the health IT and quality improvement capacity of participating health centers through individualized and peer technical assistance and internal capacity building.

AllianceChicago and Illinois Primary Health Care Association

HealthEfficient is a membership organization whose mission is to support community health centers and other “safety net” providers in improving performance across their organization, including clinical quality, revenue cycle management, and health information technology.

At HealthEfficient, our work is built on three foundational elements: 1) Data analytics to give insight into the health center; 2) Consulting and facilitation support to help improve performance; 3) Collaboration with our 36+ member health centers around the country to learn and share with peers.